Plants are our passion.

Image Landscaping provides a complete garden and landscaping solution, offering a variety of services from simple on-going garden care, to fully customised landscape design and garden development.

We can be as involved with your landscape requirements as you wish, managing and coordinating each step of the project or alternatively offering expertise in smaller parts of your landscaping projects.  

We will provide you with a detailed cost for each part of the project and we will work with you post project completion with on-going maintenance and upkeep should you require it.

After studying horticulture in the UK, Phil has extensive experience working on a huge variety of projects which have taken him from Wales to the City of London. Phil has managed landscaping teams working on large commercial properties in Wales and has gained extensive horticultural experience through working with some of the most prestigious companies in London. 

Now Wellington based, Phil is known for designing and developing gardens that are beautiful and striking. His love for New Zealand native plants and his enthusiasm for horticultural work in new Zealand is apparent through his extensive range of garden projects, including both residential and commercial work.

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